April 10, 2015

Basement Reno Part II, III, IV, Eternity….

The title of my post is exactly how I feel. My Husband and I started this project in early January and I am happy to say as of April 5th we have finished! AMEN to that! It feels like an eternity ago that we started. There were lots of up and downs but the room survived, our marriage survived, and I’m happy to have our finished product.

Below are the photos I took throughout the past 3 months. We have moved furniture in but I still have small things to do with the room to make it nice a cozy before I post our FINAL Photos!

Enjoy our handy work!

Basement prior to Reno. UG-LY

Basement makeover Collage

Ceiling Tear down

Basement 2 Collage

Drywall UP

Basement 3 Collage

Ceiling painted along with two brick tiled walls. We did keep one wall Original.


Yellow On.


Laminate Flooring Down.


Trim up and baseboards in with wood filler


Trim and baseboards sanded, Caulked along top near ceiling, and Painted

trim painted

Goodness. I’m tired just looking back at it all.

Basement Reno Part I

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