October 20, 2014

Wedding Bells & Birthday Cake

It’s been almost a month since my brother got married and I haven’t posted any photos! These are a few of many favorite from the lot of hundreds! Family photos and of course dancing photos! Us “Shubra” girls know how to have a good time… and I must say my handsome husband does too.


Well Folks, on Saturday I turned 29 years young. I say that but what I am really thinking is I am getting old. Not OLD… but older than I’m ready for. Twenty-nine has hit me hard, especially after the wedding last month. I watched my sisters dancing and hitting the bar after the wedding and thought… “Shit, they are in the FUN twenties! (24 to be exact) and I’m in the almost THIRTY crowd.” Not that it’s a bad thing I just feel like with my job when I say I’m in my twenties I’m still “relatable” to my teen students, thirty puts me in the mom category for some of these kiddos. It’s just change… I know Thirty is going to hit me like a sledge hammer so I will enjoy this last year in my twenties and will continue to enjoy the fact that people at church call me young lady and kid. 

Although family wasn’t around, I was able to spend my birthday around my work colleagues and 48 fifteen year olds on a college visit weekend to Sioux City, IA. On Friday night they got an ice cream cake and sang me Happy Birthday and on Saturday we spent the morning at an Apple Orchard where “Tina the Llama wouldn’t eat her Food”.



  1. Happy Birthday! People have said your 30s are the best, so enjoy this last year, but look forward to some awesome years ahead, too! Love the pics from the wedding! You looked stunning!

  2. Love the navy dresses! And of course, Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 29 club. It's not so bad here. I feel like I'm getting more and more comfortable being me as the years go by. I don't know why women fight age so much. I embrace it. :)


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