September 11, 2014

My Favs on Thursday: Link Up



Hello there! I’m here today linking up with Katy at Wild and Wanderful for My Favs on Thursday!

For the past year I have been a LOVER of AdvoCare. I have completed one successful 24-Day Challenge losing 7lbs and am currently gearing up to complete a second Challenge. If you haven’t heard of AdvoCare then you can read more about their products here.

One AdvoCare product that I can NOT go a day without is SPARK! It is only 45 calories and gives me complete energy throughout the day without the crazy caffeine and the crashing that happens from other brands of energy drinks. It comes in a powder form that you add to water with lots of yummy flavors.


My favorite flavor is Mandarin Orange, but I’ve also tried Pink Lemonade (during summer), Strawberry Mango, and Fruit Punch. I hear that Watermelon is to die for so it’s on my list. I usually buy the larger containers of Spark because it makes more sense to buy in bulk if I’m drinking it every day.


Being that this is a “Favs on Friday” I am not writing this post to get you to buy the product. I am simply telling you about a product I love. I am listed as a “AvoCare Distributor” but I am actually a horrible one at that. I hate talking people into buying products and that’s the main key for any distributor to make a profit whether you are Mary Kay, ThirtyOne, or AdvoCare. I entered as a distributor to gain the little discount that comes with buying products, end of point.

Have you had Spark before?

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