June 3, 2014

5 Things I did Before 7am


  1. 5:20am Went on a 1.5 mile run with Winston down our dirt road and back
  2. 5:50am Showered & picked out ONE outfit that I actually stuck with
  3. 6:15am Enjoyed a bowl of Cheerios
  4. 6:30am Made the bed
  5. 6:42am In my Jeep headed to work.

Today was the beginning of my new summer routine. It’s been entirely too hot out after work to get any motivation to run so I needed to take a different approach which involves cutting 30 minutes of sleep out of my usual routine.

This morning I was a little hesitant. I immediately threw my running gear on and got out the door before I could change my mind.

The air was nice and crisp, the roads quiet, and the sun has just begun to rise to the East.

Winston ran with me while taking short breaks to sprinkle his goodies on random grass along the road. We even spotted a doe crossing on the way back towards the house.

I’m hoping this can become a habit. It’s 1:07pm on my lunch break and I feel Fan-Freakin-Tastic! Minus - how slow the day is going being in the office all week.


Do you exercise in the mornings or afternoons? What keeps you motivated?


  1. Gosh, you make me look really bad. Some days, I'm lucky to be out of bed by 7:30 and have enough time to get 6 miles down the road to work by 8!! Though, I'm usually up just before 7, and I never even consider exercising, haha. My job is enough exercise most days (at least that's what I like to believe).

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

    1. You get plenty of exercise working outside. I'm jealous! I was the most in shape of my life those summers I worked on the farms and landscaping. It's working out w/o the pressure of calling it a workout.

  2. Dude, you are awesome. I just don't work out. Like ever. :( I did go for a 2 mile walk yesterday, but that's a first in a while. Great job! I remember when I used to get up for Jazzercize at 5 am. Wish I still had that motivation!

    1. Once I have a family it will be interesting to find the time. We'll see how long this last! A two mile walk is awesome sauce!


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