May 23, 2014

Why I make my bed every day

Happy Friday! Are you ready for a 3 day weekend, this girl is! My husband’s family is making the long haul here by plane to spend Memorial Day with us. I am ecstatic that we are able to have family here. I think many people take family for granted. Most of our holidays and weekends are spent keeping busy around the farm while everyone else spends their time going to birthday parties, graduations, or barbeques. It wears on you after awhile and if I sit here and think to much into that thought I may start to feel depressed, so I won’t!

I feel like whenever family/friends do visit that I have to go into complete FREAK out mode. My usual list of chores quadruples and things that I could care less about cleaning become a must causing me to run around like a crazy person.

Not to mention… those cabinets I’ve been working on, yeah about them. Maybe I should’ve started a little earlier. I completely underestimated the time it would take to complete this project. Lets just say that by the time our family lands in Des Moines the paint will be dry and the cabinets hung back in their place. What was I thinking?

Currently the state my kitchen is in. Womp.


I finally figured out how to use the panoramic setting on my iphone.

1pt Brittany vs 98243989 pts technology

One chore that I never have to worry about is making our bed. Yes, I will need to run a clean set of sheets through prior to tomorrow but if anyone ever made an unexpected visit and needed to see our bedroom I can guarantee our bed will be made. It’s a habit that I fell into when I got married. My husband always made his bed and so in trying to bed the best new wife I could be I started making the bed… every day… no excuses.


As I got into this habit I realized that making our bed everyday actually made the day and my attitude better.

  1. I am an achiever by nature so making my bed is a task that makes me feel good. It starts the day with an accomplishment. Sounds a bit strange but that’s the only way I can describe it.
  2. I always wanted a “Grown Up” bed. King size with a beautiful bed spread & lots of pillows. I love looking at it and thinking that this is what I’ve always wanted and now I have it.
  3. Messy beds are easier to climb back into for hours on end, especially on Saturday/Sunday mornings. If the bed is made you are not going to want to mess it up.
  4. I never have to worry about an unexpected visitor… not that they would go into our bedroom, but hey you NEVER know. I would be proud for anyone to walk into our room knowing my bed it made.


It’s not perfect, no I do not do the “pillow chop” to make it look magazine ready. No I did not take extra time to line up the pillows to look completely align. This is real life people, and this is a real persons bed.

Don’t you just love love love our head board?!? I still can’t get over how great it turned out. You can read about it here in my post about DIY Farm Rack Head board.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Pop Pop Hutton

1923- 2011

Proudly served our country on the front line during World War II under the 350th Infantry 88th Division, Anti-Tank Company in Africa and Italy and for which he had been honored with a Bronze Star and Purple Heart.


  1. We will have 30 people in our tiny house on Sunday night! Ahhhh! But it will be fun. I wish I always made our bed. It's a habit I need to get back into. It always feels so good when it's made!

    1. 30 People, you must be in Crazy person mode too then! I'm declaring Monday officially - Mojito Monday... it can't come soon enough.


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