May 30, 2014

High Five Band Wagon

All aboard… I’m going against my code and joining in on a High Five on Friday Link Up!


I have never done a 5 on Friday because I didn’t want to seem like I was copying off of other bloggers ideas. At this point, I’ve seen many of the bloggers that I follow daily link up to this specific Five on Friday so… what the Hay… I’m getting on board.

I usually want to post an update about my week so why reinvent the wheel?

Here we go!



  1. My sister in law {S} and my in laws came to visit for Memorial Day Weekend! It was {S} first time to the Mid West and to see our place.
  2. During their stay we ventured to Des Moines to visit the East Village… little to my knowledge … all the shops were closed on Sunday. I still can’t get use to that! One shop was open RayGun, an up and coming t-shirt shop. So much fun! I love all their Pun-ny shirts including my new shirt… since I’m always referring to myself as an East Coaster I thought it seemed like a great fit. It was that shirt or the one that had the state of Iowa outlined with the word “Captive” inside. Too Fun.ny!
  3. I managed to get my newly painted cabinets up the morning that our family was flying in. Talk about a close call. I’m loving the brightness it brings… and surprisingly they aren’t getting all that dirty.
  4. I planted my garden a few weeks ago and decided to put up a fence for my peas in a garden bed that has nothing in it. I was thrilled to see they are making their way out of the soil! Winston of course HAS to make his way into most my photos. #CorgiBumsAreTheCutest
  5. Hay is being cut which means my weekend has been decided… These arms are going to BURN after lifting and stacking around 300 bales in the matter of a day. :::Inside I am crying already:::

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Yay for jumping on the bandwagon! Love that shirt so much! I need to get over to their shop sometime. It's not like it's far for me!


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