May 8, 2014


I am over the top excited about a new top that I picked up from Hazel & Olive! This tunic stood out to me because of the geometric pattern.I am a huge fan of bold prints and I’m not afraid to wear them! I’d really like to pair this top with some white cropped leggings which I currently don’t own. However, these white jean cropped pants worked for today.

If you haven’t shopped at an online boutique before… BEWARE… it’s addicting! More so because most shops release new items EVERY night. That’s right, every night something new pops up on my facebook feed and I have to hold back my compulsiveness to buy pretty much all of it!

What I’ve learned is that if I don’t LOVE it then I’m not going to buy it. Well, I love love loved this top, what do you think? 

honeycomb shirt

honeycomb 2
honeycomb 3  Candid photos with my favorite little guy are the Best!

This top is called “Honey I’m home”. Unfortunately, they are already sold out.

I have been buying Medium lately but wasn’t sure on the fit and most dresses I can pull off the small. For this tunic a small fit just right! I’m 5’2 & 128lbs if that helps with sizing.

I did buy another tunic in a small and it looked awful.It was way to tight around the waist and hips. I plan to ship it back and try to get it in another size. One bummer with shopping this way is that they may only have a certain quantity on hand and once its out… that's it! Their policy is that I can return it with the size I would like and if they have it, they will ship it, if they don’t I’ll receive a full refund. The shipping with this shop is always included so if anything I may spend a few extra bucks sending it back but I’m okay with that.

Not that I need feed this habit with more options but I would LOVE to know…
What are your favorite online Boutiques?

*I am not promoting this site for profit. I just love their shop and wanted to share!

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  1. This top is great!! Oh, I love online boutiques. There are so many. I admit I've had a hard time with sizing, too. I usually wear a medium or large, but some boutiques large has even been too small. I'm having an in home party with a boutique called LuLaRoe. I like it because you can try everything on before you buy!


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