February 24, 2014

The Waved Bob

OH waved bob, how HAPPY you make me!
For months now I have been trying to perfect my Bob hair cut. I don’t mind going short, actually I prefer it! As for my husband, he is a typical guy who LOVES me with long hair. It’s not that I look bad with long hair, I just believe that since I’m petite with a round shaped face that the short cut flatters me more. As a compromise – Isn’t that what married entails? I try not to go too short nor will I grow it past a length that I’m happy with.
The cut is an angled bob with long layers in the front and layered (not stacked) pieces in the back.
The length in the back hits right above the shoulder and then angles gradually to the front hitting the collar bone.
I always do a hard part from the left to right and my stylist left the parted side just a touch longer for a little more of an edgy style. Usually if I wear this styled straight I will use a flatiron to lift the back and side under for a smooth look. Today I just left it as is since I was going to curl it.
Straightened Angle Bob
hair 2

Now for the Waved Bob!
I use an Amika Ceramic Flatiron to both smooth and curl my hair. Two jobs in one, I hate curling irons. I always portion my hair into three sections, curling the bottom back section first, then the middle, then ending with the top and front pieces.
You can see a video of another gal styling her short bob here I use the same technique.
Helpful Tips:
  1. Back pieces are usually too short to get a complete curl so it’s easier to just curl under.
  2. The Curly Sue- To help flatten out the curls if you go over board run a big tooth comb through the curls then lightly run the flatiron over the hair. This helps with the volume.
  3. Texturing spray helps to give the look a more “beachy look”
  4. My best hair days are when I straighten one day, use dry shampoo the next, and then wave it. The natural oils just give it that extra something.
  5. Most important- Curl AWAY from your face in the front – in the back mix up the direction of the curls for a fun look
If you’re not sure about how to curl with a flatiron use the search tool on Youtube, it took me a little time to get use to curling this way but now I can get this look in just 10 minutes if my hair is already dry. Check out Kate over @ The Small Things Blog she has awesome tutorials and videos that I have followed over the past two years and I just love her personality!
How do you curl your hair? With a curling iron, flatiron, curling wand?
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  1. This is too cute! I have been thinking of cutting a significant portion of my locks and it's all because I want that waved bob! I'll be saving this post to reread post-cut!

    1. You won't regret it! It is such a fun cut to have and if you go the right length you can still pull it up in a ponytail which is why I don't let the hairdresser stack it in the back. Thanks for your comments! :)


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