August 16, 2012

What were they thinking?

Seriously… Look!


I sincerely hope that I an not offending anyone when I say this… scratch that… you need to hear this if you still have a room that has UGLY sponge decor as show here.

This style is OUT... has been out… and hopefully will not return. I have to be some what careful of what I say here because I know my parent’s house still has the kids bathroom sponge painted. I will confess though that I loved this method when I helped my mom paint that bathroom… but how many years ago was that… I was still in middle school! That is 12 years ago! Mom it’s time to update ( I only say this because she knows it as well and has told me on a number of occasions) ;)

I also have to be cautious of the matter that I’m not sure when this wall was painted in this style by the previous owner. Was it there when they bought the house 7 years ago and they just never changed it or was this a recent in the past 5 or so years? Either way it is BUTT and needs to go.

Another issue I have about this room, which is my mudroom, is that all of the trim is painted the same color of the walls.


I really don’t even mind the periwinkle-est color but there needs to be a divide between Trim and wall color.


Even the poor baseboards are painted in the wall color… that’s just LAZY in my book.


The mud room is not the only culprit, this horrible decor leads into the kitchen as well.


Beige on Beige…

Maybe it’s just me but I just really think that when the trim stands out it shows a cleaner and more sophisticated look. As you can see from all of my photos I had enough and decided to get into painting mode.

So far it took my 3 coats on the two doorways above. I haven’t made it to the mudroom with paint yet but it’s taped and ready to go!

Here is what a little clean white paint will do.


Ah I just love it! If I could paint all the wood trim in the house and around the windows I would as well! There is usually a wooden door in this doorway to shut off the path to the mud room and basement but I’m kind of liking it without the door. It frees up the wall to the left for some hanging art or pictures and lets light in from the mudroom. We’ll have to see what G thinks as well, but I’m pushing for the doorway to stay open.

The other  WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS moment that I have found is the laminate coverings in the Kitchen.


I hate the cabinet doors but that my friends is another day. What really erks me is if you look at the laminate board running horizontal over the kitchen window. There is a small light hanging behind it. Well you will never guess what else is behind it.


Yeah, this was a serious WTF moment for me to see that someone covered  up a cute cookie cutter design like this. Again, what were they thinking. The charm of living in the country is having these adorable touches throughout the house, why would you choose to cover them?

I of course do love it so I filled the screw holes and painted it white to match the adjoining shelves up top. I would really like to remove the laminate square above it to open it like the rest but I found a problem that I am not sure how to resolve… The light' hanging below it has cords that run straight up behind the laminate square, If I remove the square then I am left with ugly cords showing.

Any ideas?

I am really loving this house and loving how it is coming together. I finally feel like I can do whatever I want to it whereas the Mitchell house was already decorated and lived in by my husband before we were marriage. I never felt like I could just go ahead and decorate without upsetting him. Now I feel like I have free range and maybe that’s why I love this house so!

Until next time!

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