May 21, 2012

{ Weekend Wrap up } You want me to climb what…

Since moving to Iowa I feel like it’s been Go.. Go.. Go! Unpack, decorated, organize, clean, unpack, mow, weed, mulch, limb up, throw out, scoop up, dump, mow.. mow.. mow!

I am exhausted just typing all that crap. The previous owners where very neat and tidy it’s just they had the house on the market since August and to our my husbands standards didn’t keep up the yard portion to our standards. There are lots of trees on the property besides the wind break that needed limbed up so from 8:30am Saturday until 3:30pm we were sawing, piling, and moving tree limbs to the burn pile. We probably limbed up 8 trees, the Hemlocks were the most work since the limbs underneath were mostly dead. The worst part about limbing up trees on a hot day is wearing a short sleeve shirt, by the end of the day not only did I have an SEXY farmers tan, but my arms and wrist were so scratched up (and still are) that is looks like I am a cutter. Overall it was a rough day but the trees look great and we are done… for now with this tedious task.

IMG_0783 Winston, “Are we going in the truck again… lets go already!”

Sunday we woke up early and had a yummy steak and egg breakfast. Saturday night I grilled Bacon wrapped Fillets and they came out perfectly medium rare! I am getting really good at grilling, the other night my marinated chicken & asparagus turned out just right too! Left over’s are always a great meal. 


The next big item on my list for adapting to our new area/town is getting involved in the community and meeting people. At 10am we went to our first service at the Ogden Community Methodist Church. I had already e-mailed with the Pastor ahead of time to let him know who we are. It’s such a small town I would’ve felt awkward just showing up and people thinking… who are they… even though I’m pretty sure they still did. The service was a breath of fresh air, mixed with contemporary and tradition services which is a great match for {G} and I.

Later that afternoon we decided to going to the lake and kayak … SIKE. I wish we could’ve done that, instead what did we do? First we put up our light fixture from Mitchell in our dining room. This light is heavy and of course I had to hold it up since I know nothing about electrical. It turned out great and now we have just the right amount of light!


IMG_0780 IMG_0781

After that lovely task we put of the shelves in the guest room and then proceeded to our outdoor project…. What would you know…More mowing. There are lots of horse paddocks on the property that have been abandoned for a while now so we have two choices… Buy some goats and throw them in there or mow and weed eat. I opted for the goats and lost. We spent yesterday afternoon cleaning up the last paddock which was AWFUL since the wind was blowing all the clippings right back into my face. I took some time to take a pretty picture from our back yard.


Once we were done mowing we went and relaxed in the hammock for all of 5 minutes before {G} says, “Hey, do you want to go climb the grain bin?” Do I want to what…. Do you know who you married? I hate heights and the only time I EVER climb anything is if I’m getting paid to. Like when I needed a job in college, I interviewed to work at the Horticulture department and they asked, “are you scared of heights because your going to have to climb the apple trees during pruning season.” My answer, “Not at all, I can do that!” So I did. Now I had my husband saying… oh you can do it come on. So… I did.

Biggest mistake… getting half way up the 2 foot narrow ladder and looking down. You have to be kidding me… so what do I do? Keep climbing of course. Once I got to the top with {G} it was a beautiful view and so NOT worth the climb! I will honestly never climb that thing again willingly. Since I will never climb it again, I took some documentation to remind myself how high up it was.

IMG_0790 Hello my love…IMG_0789

Hello neighbors…. Where ever you are.


Hello Barn…


Hello House…


Hello view from the ground :) Poor {G} can barely fit down that stupid latter

Note to self: Don’t let your husband convince you to do things that you know are against your better judgment.

IMG_0794 I’ll stick with these views from the ground. Town dog gone Farm :)

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