March 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap up - Luck of the Irish

Well this weekend was just filled with excitement once again and this time I may just credit the Luck of the Irish…

This weekend seemed to FLY by. It was 82 on Saturday and Sunday was 85! We opened all the windows in the house and let the air naturally flow through into the house.

Saturday morning {G} and I went to get paint and other items for his new project. I’ll call it “Project Pedal Tractor”. Long story short… If you don’t know my husband he is a die hard FORD lover and works for New Holland (CNH) which was Ford/New Holland until Ford got out of the tractor business to focus more on vehicles. Our home is decked out in Ford and New Holland collectables which led to “Project Pedal Tractor”, the restoration of a 70’s ford pedal tractor that he bought on eBay.


 IMG_0528 IMG_0526 IMG_0527

That morning I also received a call from a realtor that has shown our home quite a bit asking to stop in at 2pm that day. We joked a little back and forth about how well he knows our home and I told him I really hope he can sell it for us! :)

It was my cleaning day so while {G} was out working on “Project Pedal Tractor” I spent the entire morning changing sheets and putting spring ones on, vacuuming, cleaning wood floors, I also gave the bathroom a good thorough wipe down. I also reorganized the guestroom closet. This is where I currently store all of our linens and sheets. It is a complete mess and needed to be compacted so I bought the air tight storage bags.

{Closet Before Pictures}

IMG_0518 IMG_0516 IMG_0517




IMG_0523IMG_0524 IMG_0522 

After this little project, I moved the patio furniture from the basement to the outdoor side patio where we grill. By the time I got all this done it was 1:40! YIKES! I grabbed {G} and we went to run some errands and also stop into a local joint called “Zestos” to grab some milkshakes. Around 2:30 we headed back to the house and to our surprise the realtor was still there with the lookers. So we kept on driving, came back 15 minutes later and they were still looking… drove a little longer… came back another 15 minutes later and they were gone. I was so excited! {G} and I were talking and we just knew that no one looks at a house for an hour if they are just browsing or aren’t interested. This was a really good sign.

We went on with our day and later that evening we went to “Blarney’s Sports Bar and Grill” to watch the ISU vs. Kentucky game and have a few drinks. As we were eating our realtor called and said the people who came by earlier wanted to make an offer! A REAL OFFER! YAY! I don’t want to say too much more since this is still a long process but this is a really good sign! 

We were so excited that we couldn't even sleep Saturday night. My brain kept me up all night wondering about the possibilities. I know this is only the beginning of my tossing and turning, now we really need to get serious on purchasing a home in Iowa. There are a few {G} is going to look at 3 more homes this week. I have a feeling I am going to be doing some major running after work this week … it always helps me combat stress and helps me clear my head.

Another great thing that happened Saturday was my Best Friend Missy found her wedding dress which is super exciting! It just so happened on St. Patty’s day as well! I am so happy for her and just know that she is going to make such a beautiful bride. It makes me sad as well because these are the moments that I miss out on living so far away. I really wish I was there to watch her try on her first dress and of course see that moment of finding “the Dress”. I can not wait to see pictures. I’ll probably get all teary eyed. 

Overall looking back at my “staging the home” post I really think that this nice weather has helped us show the house better. Winters in South Dakota are pretty drab and they do NOT do our home justice. Even our realtor said that in the past 2 weeks our home has just really popped with character!


  1. It sounds like it was a great weekend to me! I'm loving the warm weather! So glad to see your getting it too!


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