February 15, 2012

Simple gestures from above…


Monday morning I was on the verge of being completely overwhelmed. I get this way when there is something weighing heavily on my mind, of course by now you should know with my postings that our home search is starting to really get to me. As I started writing my post for the day I decided I wanted to add a picture to go with how I feel… I tried Google of course but no luck. Then I decided on Pinterest to see what would come up if I searched “anxious”. This photo caught my eye immediately:


A Step in the Journey

“Don’t be anxious, pray instead.” What good does it do me to sit here and worry? At least through prayer I can be guided just like I feel I was today, to this scripture. After reading it over and over I could feel my blood pressure lower and I feel less nervous about my situation.

George and I are going to find a home and I may not be able to pray for God to give me the specific home I want but my prayers will guide me in knowing that :

“God is for us, his grace is sufficient”.

Also, just recapping on Valentine’s Day yesterday, here was my gift to George.

p-mono-maryland-Rigdon By: JHILL DESIGN

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  1. Great post! LOVE your Valentine's present to George! :)


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