December 16, 2011

{ Second Day of Cricut }

On the second day of Cricut my crafter made for me:

A Laundry Chalk Board!

My sister Katie gave me the idea when she was talking with me about her excitement of moving into an apartment with friends this Spring. She said she has gotten so accustomed to placing dishes in the dishwasher after using them and emptying it once it was clean that she would have to come up with something to keep all the room mates in check! My mom has a little sign that you just flip over that says "Clean" on one side and "dirty" or the other.

For my idea I kind of just set up the sign I made in the Laundry room and have the words "Stinky" and "Fresh" on it. The fun thing with chalk is you can change it to whatever you want!

Old Stone Shingle from a Barn

While I worked at "Winterthur Garden Estates" I often took walks to ID plants and flowers. Along one of my walks I came across some old Shingles that had fallen from a barn on the property. Again, I love heritage and collecting things with a sense of some kind of neat story behind them so I found a shingle intact and took it to make into something - someday. Today is that day!

Next I picked the satin finished turquoise spray paint {bought at Menard's for $2.49} and spray the shingle with one layer. I wanted to still maintain the Stone color along the edges so I didn't coat them as much.

After I sprayed it I added my stencil that I made from my Cricut machine. Taped it down and painted inside the stencil with a "tinted chalk board paint". You can buy it at any home depo store for cheap and add up to 12 different colors! How fun!

   I cut another smaller stencil and placed it vertical to have writing boards!


For this example, I used Picasa to add on the letters to the picture. The paint for the board needed to dry another day before I could write on it, but I wanted to show options! Also, this is one of Katie's Christmas Presents! I wanted to see if she is actually following me on my blog... Sneaky sneaky... if you are reading this Katie, leave a comment. :) Like or Dis-Like? 

Happy Crafting!  


  1. Haha I like how you snuck in the gift part. It looks great! I've been looking for chalboard paint but didn't check Menards. Will do!

  2. They have Black, Brown, and then tinted. I would get the tinted but don't forget to tint it at the store... I didn't realize I had bought that kind since I was rushing and had to go back to get the tint added.The "white" in the paint can doesn't work... I tried. ha such a blonde.


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