December 19, 2011

{ On the Third Day of Cricut... }

On the Third Day of Cricut my crafter gave to me: DIY Christmas Decor!

I have been working on my Christmas Decor and wanted to search for some great ideas for next year! Oh geez... Christmas isn't even here yet and already I am saying "next year"! I'm sure all of you ladies feel the same way. Here are some of the ideas that I came across.

I love the idea of this frame art. I definitely wouldn't mind taking down some of the "farm" frames we have up in the house and putting something like this up for the season just to switch things up a bit.

I have yet to use my cricut to make Vinyl lettering. It's def. on my 2012 list! I've seen a lot of ornament detailing while browsing. Such an easy way to dazzle up a plain ornament! You can also use the vinyl lettering for Wall Scripture, photo frames, Pillows... ETC!

I love the twist on this frame!

Another easy project! Would look really cute across the top of my kitchen cabinets!

And the finale'!

We'll see about these... more of a time commitment but I love the idea!

Happy Cri-cutting!

Also, I wanted to give credit to the crafters who made these items so if their tag isn't on the picture, then I linked the photo I used. There are some great Cricut Blogs out there!

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