November 21, 2011

Black Friday Savings!

I have never been one to want to go out at 3am to shop on Black Friday, so in my expereinces I have not seen a crowd like in the picture above fighting for the "gotta have gift" of the year. I will take my chances by going out around 10am or so. I haven't really had the need to go out on a Black Friday morning. I don't have kids so I don't need to stand in line for the newest tickle me elmo doll. I would never buy a flat screen tv with out asking my husband because I would pick the WRONG one. And for my most part I am more of a make the gift yourself kind of person and throw in little cute items with it. I'm not sure if people take that as being cheap, but I would think all the hours I put into the gifts would mean more. For that reason, I'm kind of sad I can't post my projects that I am working on for gifting this year. I recently found out my little sister actaully reads my blog now so I gotta hold off until after christmas. I will post all the gifts though, they are super cute!
As for you crazy black friday shoppers here's a great link my co-worker gave me. It will tell you all the deals for any store your looking at going to! As for me, I will be shopping online for deals. It's a little safer and I can sleep in. :)

Tis the Season... Happy Shopping!

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