March 10, 2015

Me, Lately

Spring is in the air here in Central Iowa! I hate to even speak of the amazing weather we are having for fear that I may jinx it and we’ll soon be sent back into the sub-zero hell that is the Midwest winter.

The weather change couldn’t come soon enough… my inner self just hasn’t been itself lately. I fell into a small spat of depression last week. It just overcame me last Sunday. I was sad. Not tearfully sad, but just sad in a way that everything I thought about was wrong in my life and that it wasn’t going to change. My husband and I are always open and so I told him how I was feeling and in the best way he knew how he tried to tell me it would all turn around and be okay. I believed him, but I still felt sad. It helped talking to my BF last week over the phone. The almost 2 hour conversation about EVERYTHING in life helped me to come out of the comma I was experiencing.

The feeling of sadness left me on Friday night. I don’t know what changed but maybe I just decided not to be so pessimistic about life… I don’t wear that characteristic well. Optimism has always fit me much better. I also think that the 58 degree sunny Saturday we had thawed me out a bit too. Not to mention a little care package I received from said BF in the mail. I think we all go through these feelings, we are human. Talking about them and gaining support I need around me during those times is what pulls me out.


I don’t want to use this space for only sad parts of my life but I’ve also always been real here. This is a part of my life I’m struggling with and so if you can stick with me I promise to post more “uplifting” things ahead.

Post I am looking forward to:


The Green Pinky Series 2015! – Last year I started a mini series on “Gardening How To”… I figure I better use my Agriculture Education degree for something! With Spring breaking I plan to start posting to this series again. You can read last years Post here: Get your seeds ready to start indoors!


Oatmeal White Chocolate Craisin Cookie Recipe – SUPER EASY Recipe to be posted soon!


Spring outfits – How I wear them. This is something new I’m going to try. I love getting wardrobe inspiration from Pinterest, Magazines, and other blogs. These post will show how I used the photos to inspire some outfits that I pick out from my own closet.

Until next time!

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  1. Looking forward to your upcoming posts! It's so great to have a friend to just let it all out to, and so wonderful she sent you a package, too! Spring is springing, friend!


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