January 9, 2015

Project 365

Ever heard of project 365? I hadn’t until a few months ago when I got a little more into photography. It’s exactly what it sounds like!

One photo, every SINGLE day, for a YEAR!

Say what…

I can barely keep up with daily blog post but here I am challenging myself to enhance my photography skills. What better way to do so then to capture an image each day?

Some of the ladies I’ve come across use their Canon/Nikon every day but I just can’t. I know I will fail to carry my canon all over, then to have to upload and post each day.

Baby steps…

I’ve decided to take on the challenge using my iphone. 365 photos every day uploaded to my instagram account. You can follow me @BrittRigdon

From there I would hate not to share my photos so every 9 days I will post a collage of the photos I took with the #theme for that day. Why 9? Because I like the collage in the format of 9 photos.

Easy enough right?

If that’s not enough I want to also enhance my skill with my Canon Rebel t3i so I will also be participating in Project 52.

That’s ONE photo, once a week, for a year.

Ahhh… MUCH more my speed with my lovely camera. I will post those on Sundays.

{ Project 365: Day One-Nine }

Project 365 1-9 

{One:365 Resolution}


{Two:365 New}


{Three:365 What I wore Today}


{Four:365 Red}


{Five:365 Breakfast}


{Six:365 Calm}


{Seven:365 Perspective}


{Eight:365 Simple}


{ Nine:365 Circles }


If you would like to join you can! The great part about the challenge is you start whenever you want to start! It’s easy for my to keep track of since I started on the 1st of January but say you start tomorrow… well then you will take 365 photos until January 10, 2016.

As for now, I hope you all enjoy the weekend!


  1. Great photos! I have participated in a few monthly challenges, and they've always been a blast!

  2. I saw yours from December and it looked like tons of fun! It's so hard to keep up some days but I've decided if I miss a day I'll just take two the next. That way I can stay motivated!

  3. This is an awesome project, I'll enjoy keeping up with yours! I doubt I have the ability to do it myself!


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