December 12, 2014

High Five for Friday: 12.12.14

Collage 12.12

1. G and I finally purchases a new washer and dryer set! I can not begin to explain to all of you how incredibly happy this has made me. We are both fairly conservative people and will by used verses new almost always, however this time we were able to find great deals due to black Friday. Let just say we got each machine for $250 below listed price. SCORE!

Now let me tell you why we needed these machines. For the past TWO.five years the washer that came with the house was a top load whose center agitator was broken. You know.. that thing in the middle of the washer that swishes the wash back and fourth? Because of this every time we ran laundry we would have to sprint back to the laundry room during spin cycle because it would be out of place and the thing would pound against the inside of the machine. Every. Single. Time. For. Two. And. A. Half. Years.

Winston even hated it because he would storm back to the machine throwing his body upon the machine at full attack until we removed the agitator. Then all was good in the world again.

Our Dryer didn’t really have anything wrong with it besides the fact that you had to run it on high for two cycles to get one load of wash dried. It was a waste of time, energy, and efficiency.

Can I get a Hallelujah, Amen! Small prayers people... small prayers.

2. I had a freaken awesome hair week. I thought maybe it was a fluke the one day but now I’ve had three in a row. That’s all.

3. This was exactly this Past week but I missed my post last week. I made a leftover turkey potpie that was to die for.

What I did:

Bought: Pillsbury Pie Crust (2 per box)

  • cut up baby carrots and left over red potatoes and boiled in water for 15 minutes; then drain
  • chopped up celery, onion, and turkey left overs
  • thickened left over gravy over the stove by adding a little flour
  • mix everything into the gravy
  • add over bottom pie crust then top with second pie crust
  • bake as said on package
  • Enjoy!

4. My best friend Missy approached me a few months back wanting to start a blog of her own. I was ecstatic and told her I would help her design a template. She is up and running! Many of you know what it was like the first time you jumped into blogger land. It can be intimidating, confusing, and overwhelming. I know she just has the one post as of now but we spoke the other night and I am so excited for her next few post. I don’t want to give anything away, so I hope you will jump over and say Hi and welcome her to the Blogging Community!


       5.  I have started a “Cut the Junk” movement on my work twitter account, facebook, and instagram for my students. I was getting so tired of seeing crude, vulgar, stupid, indecent, etc tweets from my young students. It’s just Junk that they look at 24-7. They are GLUED to their phones and all they are seeing are tweets that are all filled with crap. What if we could change that though? What if by posting positive tweets we could motivate are young people to do that same?


So far I’ve been on point with my MondayMotivationals and my HighFiveFridays. I need to get better at my others. I’ve heard from many of my students that they enjoy seeing something positive in their twitter feed and that they look forward I may tweet next. I even had a girl this past monday text me asking where my MondayMotivation tweet was because she needed it after a rough weekend.

So here is my #Fridayhighfive for today that I shared on my work account @ISU_BRITTRIGDON


Have a Fan-Tab-YOU-Lus Weekend!


  1. Yay!! I just published my first REAL post!! I love all of these things on your list - I'll have to try out High Five for Friday soon!

  2. That's so funny about your washer! Yay for new ones! That social media idea is super great. I might share it with my communications class this semester!


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