November 16, 2014

Country Kitchen


Welcome to my kitchen! It’s taken two and a half years but I finally have the kitchen that I’ve always wanted. A quaint county kitchen with a hint of charm.

When we first moved to this house we did not have a kitchen that was anywhere near what I had envisioned. It was straight out of 1970. The cabinets were a laminate cream color with faux wood trim, the counter was a mustard yellow, there was old tile backsplash behind the range, and the hardware was old and tarnished.  

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Right away we took care of the counter by purchasing a Rustoleum Kit. You can see that project here. I get that a lot of people are into retro but I got some negative comments in the past for covering up the yellow and here is all I’m going to say. This is my kitchen, not yours, I bought it, and that’s that.

After we covered the counter I decided to remove the cabinet closers above the regular kitchen cabinets. Opening them up and added corky wine bottles with some other touches added some nice touches to the area.

Last winter I decided to paint and get new hardware for the kitchen. The bottom cabinets kept a pull while the top cabinets were replaced with a knob by filling the holes with wood filler. In order to complete this project without losing my mind, I did a quarter of the kitchen at a time. It took about 2 weeks overall.

I also decided to cover up the old tile with tin tiles. It was easily done by placing it with double sided tape over the old tile. I spent the extra money on tin trim to make sure it doesn’t look half done.

The final two touches came this weekend when I decided to get rid of the curtains that came with the house and replace them with fabric roman shades I made myself. I also have been dreaming about a butcher block to add to the space for over a year and found this one at Ikea.The kicker was I had to wait 6 months to drive the three hours to Minneapolis to pick it up! Ikea shipping is out of this world!

So here it is a newly refreshed kitchen for around $800. (Our original quote for new counter tops and cabinets was $4,900)

  1. Counter = $250.00
  2. Tin = $50
  3. Primer for cabinets = $40
  4. Paint for cabinets = $40
  5. Misc= for painting = $30
  6. Hardware = $150
  7. Fabric for curtains= $60
  8. Butcher Block Island = $199








With a little elbow grease, some patients, and a little Pinterest your money can go a long way. The only others things that I would love to change in this room is the laminate flooring and the brown kitchen sink.

Until then…

What would you change in your kitchen?


  1. It looks so great! Light and airy! I've heard great things about the Rustoleum counter kits. We'll have to see what kitchen we end up with at our next house. I am pretty satisfied with our current kitchen. It'll be hard to match it.

  2. SUCH an awesome transformation!! Ummm I'd just like to OWN a kitchen, and then I can kick it's butt with DIY like you did! (Hopefully!)


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