October 29, 2014

Project Weekend Overview

{Wrote this on Monday and forgot to push the publish button!}

I cannot believe how sore my body is right now from completing three home projects this weekend. Yes, three! I know, we are a little loco. G and I decided that this weekend would be a good time to finally re-floor the Master Bath.

Fo’ Real though… who puts carpet in a bathroom?

bathroom before Collage

Then with having a day and a half off from work on Thursday and Friday I decided that I wanted to utilize my time into finishing two other projects that have been on the list for some time now.

  1. Repainting (again) the mudroom
  2. Finish panting final 4 kitchen cabinets
  3. Tile and grout the master bath

Project 1: The Mud room

It wasn’t horrible looking… I had already fixed that mess the first summer we lived here in 2012. We went from:

This… Hello 90’s Sponge Paint


To this: Quick Fix

Painted Sponged wall and all trim in the room white with exception to the windows. The color on the wall is a periwinkle, again not awful but not our taste. You can also see the ceiling, door, and windows are cream color.

Before mudroom Collage

As I have said before, we bought a great home but it wasn't exactly to my taste. I don’t believe you should have to live in a house and “deal” with looking at rooms that you dislike.

I’ve wanted to use a grayish toned paint in our home but was too afraid until now. I thought it would be a great color for the mudroom. I also wanted to finish painting the ceiling, random off white garage entry door, and windows white to match the rest of the room.

I have most of my photos on my camera that need to be uploaded to my computer. Here the only decent iPhone photo I have of the mudroom once completed. I will be sure to show some better photos later.


Project 2: Paint Kitchen Cabinets

I had 4 cabinets left over from painting them back in April/May? I don’t have photos at this time but want to do a completely separate post on , How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets.

Project 3:

G and I went to Menards two months ago and purchased 12 x 12 Vinyl Tile self adhesive groutable tiles. They were having a huge sale and with some gift cards we had on hand we paid $0 out of pocket. SCORE.

On Friday evening I was finishing up painting the ceiling of the mudroom so G got started ripping out the carpet and pulling up staples and carpet nail trim. This post would be too long to get into details so I will post soon about our experience using these tiles. For now you can gawk at how lovely this turned out… I still am.


bathroom before Collage


Bathroom After Collage


It certainly helps having two full baths in the house since you can see there is still no toilet. We will be putting that in tonight now that the grout has had 48 hours to cure.

I can’t wait to show more details on each project!

How you done some projects at home lately?

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  1. The projects look great! I agree it's weird that people carpeted bathrooms back in the day.


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