September 5, 2014

High Five for September

Happy Friday all! Wasn’t this 4 day week A-Maze? Today I’m linking up again with:

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This week was a busy one! {G} turned 30!

sept. 1 collage

Which means that I’m not very far behind… One year and One month but who’s counting?

  1. On Saturday we celebrated G turning 30 by going out to Rube’s “Grill Your Own” Steak House with two other couples in Montour, IA. You would think that’s kind of backward, going out to dinner to cook your own steak? What in the world?!? It’s actually really fun with a large group. You pick your cut from behind the meat counter and then head over to the huge grills and get started. I would definitely do this with someone who can give you pointers so you don’t char your steak… So much fun though!
  2. Our garden is Re-Dic. Do you see the size of that pumpkin! {G} thinks its around 40lbs… and there are about 6 others that are bigger than that one still growing! Holy Pumpkin! It’s September 1… we put those in the ground way to early. Oh well time to start decking the outside of the house with all Fall.
  3. We also harvested our first watermelon. Last year we only had a few before the squash bugs took our crop out and when we sliced them open we were too early and they weren’t ready. Second times a charm ;)
  4. This week was my first week of school! Yay! While the kiddos have been back for 3 weeks the first week of September is always scheduled for my visits to the schools. It is refreshing to get back into my weekly routine, get out of the office more, and see all my students faces. Having them see me down the hallways and yelling “BRITTANY!!!!” makes me feel … loved. Yes, I do. I feel loved.
  5. Today we are throwing a pot luck in the office with a “tailgating” theme since tomorrow Iowa State plays at home. I wanted to bring the “Keg’s and Eggs” but opted not to get fired? Instead I was the last to throw my dish onto the list so I brought Dessert…

Crock Pot Chocolate Lava Cake


(Photo courtesy of

I’m not sure that it’s a tailgating dish but who’s going to turn it away? Not ME!

What’s your favorite Tailgating treat?


  1. Yum that cake sounds delish! Happy Friday. Your garden is awesome!

  2. Thanks! We just ate the cake here at the office and let me tell you... I'm in heaven! It was super moist and the pudding was the best nice and warm. May be something to keep on your list for an easy cake on the run?


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