September 20, 2014

High Five: 9.20.14

Well now that the week has completely taken off without me I figured it’s better late then never to post my High Five on Friday  Saturday post.

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On Monday, I started my first of three Basic Photography Classes at Iowa State University’s Work Space. How fun is that! I told myself when I first moved to Iowa that I was going to try and put myself out there to meet new people and experience new things and well…. the first year I did awesome. I took a 5 week quilting class in Ames, I coached a U8 soccer team here in town, and I even joined a Hispanic soccer league in Perry with some of my students, which I absolutely loved. It was hard to put myself out there but once I did I really felt that my life was happier because of it.

In the past year I really haven’t branched out too much and can tell my sanity is starting to go. I’m in a rut! When I saw that the workspace was offering the class I thought it would be a great time to branch out again and G was all for it. This class I am taking is only $20 since I work at the University and it’s something I desperately need. I bought my DSLR camera two months ago and although I am reading about how to get off “automatic” it takes actually learning it hands on to grasp the concepts.

This week we learned about:

  1. The basic parts of the camera
  2. Composition / Rule of Thirds
  3. Shutter Speed
  4. Aperture
  5. ISO

I am still struggling with composition and the rule of thirds. I get how it works when there is a grid over the photos but when you are actually looking through the lens and there is no grid… how am I to figure out if my photo is in this rule? Our teacher told us it’s okay to break the rules, but we should also know how to break them. I’m lost.

Here are five photos that I took on Wednesday from when we were baling Hay. I did use photo shop actions to make them pop a little bit but I think even without the editing they are decent photos. I’m just enjoying learning about the process of taking better photographs!






Have a great weekend :)


  1. Beautiful photos! Good for you for branching out and taking a class!

  2. LOVE your photos! And your ability to pick up something new and go all out with it. I can't wait to see your new cam, maybe you can teach me a few things!

  3. I am really enjoying it too! Having a nice camera actually helps quite a bit. :)


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