September 8, 2014


Response and Resoning

G and I have been attending church for the past 4 weeks now and each Sunday I walk away feeling prepared to deal with life knowing that God has a plan and that we do not suffer alone.

Much like everyone else in this world we have better days then others. This morning was not a great one for me. It’s not that I was running late, I was 10 minute early. I didn’t struggle like usual to pick out an outfit, the first I put on worked. And well, my hair looks fan-freakin-tastic for the rainy day it turned into.

The thing is some days I get tired of baby news. Today in the news Kate Middleton is expecting her second child. I’m just at a place where I don’t want to hear about another person expecting a baby, whether I know you or if you live all the way across the big blue ocean. Sometimes my heart just isn’t big enough to merge your happiness with the contentment I have to feel right now. I need time to take it in. Time to pray. And understanding for those around me that I’m happy for you but just not with you right at this time.

With this weight on my heart, this morning I walked out the door and got in my jeep heading on my 35 minute drive to work. For some reason or another I started humming the tune for a Christian song called, “How Great is Our God.” I’m not much into Christian music. I know a few songs from church and from attending worship at my last job but my inner Christian music catalog is very small. I can only remember the chorus and so I hummed for a minute and then listened to Elvis Duran like I do every morning.

After 5 minutes of the morning show I decided to flick through my set stations…. nothing but commercials so I started at 91.5fm and started searching when after three button pushes there it was….

The chorus of “How Great is Our God” playing over my speakers. I took a deep breath and listened… to the words… to his voice… to the meaning.

I thought to myself … it must be a coincidence. Probably a really popular song that they play all the time.

Be here’s the thing. Why did I hum this song? This song that I haven’t heard in months. The one song that we haven’t even heard it at church yet. Why did it come to my heart and why was it now playing on my radio?

My answer: Because I needed it to.


  1. Isn't it amazing that God just shows up! I don't know what's going on with you, but I've been there being frustrated with others' baby news. It took us a while to get pregnant with both of our boys. I studied through the book of Ruth soon before we found out we were pregnant with Henry and it just spoke to me.

  2. I love this one:

    Hang in there, lady.


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