August 29, 2014

HIGH FIVE: Spirit Day


Heck Yes, it is FINALLY Friday!

Is it me or did this week just drag on and on? I blame all of the rain we have gotten here in Iowa for the past 3-4 days. It really does put a damper on the week.

Can I just say that I am so done with summer? First off, I didn’t even really have a summer with all of the crazy student trips and camps we had planned at work. My pasty body went into a pool of water for a good 20 minutes while I was back visiting my parents and that’s it. I blame myself for not taken advantage of time after work and on weekends to go over to the small lake by our home. It has a make shift beach but its something.


In jumping from my post yesterday on “The Things I Wish I Knew in College” I wanted to pull out my Captain Obvious cape and say, “Summer is just about over”. Schools are back in session, the stores have shifted from College/School supplies to Halloween , and Sports Center is FINALLY talking about Football instead of all this baseball non-sense. Sorry not a baseball fan.

It’s time people! Get out your gear because football is here! I am so ready to dust off my Steelers Gear and pray that this season will be even an ounce better than last season. Awful.

Moving on. I also love Football session because its a sign that fall will be gracing us with it’s cool crisp weather, campfires, oversized sweaters (Can’t wait), and my FAV; snuggle time with the significant other instead of the “Get away from me its too hot” attitude we’ve had for months now.

When I was in College I went to a private liberal arts school with 1,500 students and a decent division III football team. To be real though, the games were almost a step up from watching my high school compete. For the real deal, I would drive home for the University of Delaware’s homecoming games to spend time with friends and tailgate the right way.

Working at Iowa State has been a dream and with it brings the fun of having more competitive teams to cheer for. Today marks the Friday before the first home game of the season! Unfortunately, I will not be at the game tomorrow but that doesn’t mean I can’t show off my Cyclone Gear on casual Friday.

My HIGH FIVE for Friday is going to highlight what I wore to show my Iowa State Campus Spirit today!

8.29.14 Collage

1. LOFT Gold Petite Floral Bud Utility Blouse

Original Cost: $59.50       Paid: $47.60 20% OFF


2. LOFT True Scarlet Suede Trouser Belt

Original: $34.50        Paid: $20.00


3. Lylas Boutique (Ames, IA) Iowa State Chevron Infinity Fashion Scarf

Paid: $20.00


4. Gap Outlet Denim Pointed Toe Flats

Paid: $12.00 *No Longer Available

denim shoes

5. Target Mossimo Mini Mirror Dial w/ Silicone Strap

Original: $16.99       Paid: Full Price    Now: $8.99

*My watch is a Rose Gold Dial with a Grey silicone strap




I absolutely love mixing some higher priced (splurge) items with some of my lower priced finds. My style definitely has LOFT and GAP written all over my closet but I can’t afford their pieces all year round on a “teachers salary”. The yellow top above is way over my normal price range for tops but with the 20% discount and it’s ability to be worn year round I didn’t have to convince myself too hard.

The WATCH shown above/below has gotten more compliments then any watch I’ve ever owned. I love seeing people’s reactions when I tell them I bought it at Target for $17 bucks. It’s not always about name brands. Cheaper pieces can do the job too. Plus, I don’t get too freaked out if I misplace it or it gets broken. Okay, maybe a little freaked if anything happened to this watch.. I love it and wear it EVERYDAY.



Okay, so now that I have been super long winded I’m going to say adios to this bloggy blog until next week. BTW… 3 post in one week. I’m back! Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png


  1. Love your pattern mixing! Happy Friday!!

    1. Thanks Becky! I know you love mixing patterns as well! We're woman who live on the edge :)

  2. Love your outift! I haven't gone to Lylas Boutique, but I may have to stop the next time I'm in Ames to buy the chevron scarf!

    1. Thanks Angela! I should put a full disclosure, if you go to Lylas Boutique bring your wallet! All of their clothing and accessories are to die for! I also walked out with the Chevron Max skirt shown on the right side of the blog under my instragram feed. There were many other things I wanted but had to say another day to. I'll be going back soon.

  3. That top is adorable. I love the Loft, but haven't shopped there in a while. Guess I know where I'm headed tomorrow... :) Cute outfit that shows school spirit but goes beyond just the obvious screen printed tshirt.

    1. Yay! That's exactly what I was going for, the not so obvious school tshirt. Also, I live and hour from the LOFT so I often take a chance with buying online. I don't like buying pants because I'm picky but the shirt are consistent and I've never had to return them.


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