May 12, 2014

Chicks & Pics

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a Wonderful Mother’s Day. I’m a bit tired this morning after a dreadful night’s sleep of worrying over if a tornado was going to hit our area. The mid west had quite an active night but were okay!

Last weekend {G} and I headed to Omaha for a 3 day weekend at the Berkshire Hathaway Share Holders Meeting. {G} is all about the stock market and I am all about shopping, eating good food, and spending us time.We enjoyed our time together and got a few fun photos in too!

*If you ever get the chance to go to this meeting you should. I’m not a big follower of stocks and the economy but listening to Warren Buffet answer questions is a lifetime experience. He is getting up there in age so sooner rather than later may be the best option to hear him. Meetings are always the first weekend in May.

BH Collage

We had gorgeous weather here last week, especially on Wednesday when it hit 89 degrees! I soaked up every minute I could by laying on a blanket in the yard or by going on a run. Two weeks ago {G} and I transplanting our seedlings into larger cups and they are really taking off now! I can’t wait to get them in the garden! I also managed to bake around 75 cookies to take to my Juniors this week.

*Notice I said BAKED… these were pre-frozen cookie dough balls I bought in a fundraiser. Who has time to make the dough!


While everyone was out celebrating Mother’s Day with their loved ones I had my own little celebration going on. Last month I decided to let Reba nest on her eggs. She is ALWAYS so broody so this time I let her sit on her eggs with hopes I’d have a few chicks to enter my flock. To my surprise, Saturday I ventured out to the “Cluckery” to find some little peepers running around! I tried to remove them from momma and the other chickens so that they were safe but they really wanted to stay with momma. In the left bottom photo the two chicks are under her keeping warm. SO CUTE!

When I first got chickens I decided to name them after all Country Music Legends.

We have Reba (who just happens to be Red), Dolly (my big chested blonde gal), Loretta (she’s feisty) and my Roster – Rocky! We use to have my favorite Tanya Clucker but she passed away.

'I’m looking for some new names to add to our fun flock! Would you like to help name my chicks? I have a poll going on right now so please cast your vote of your favorite TWO names! I will announce in a week :)

*I do realize that there is a high possibility that these two could be dudes. Once their feature grow in I will be able to sex them and then will rename.

chick collage

{G} was out of town this week-weekend for the Kansas City NASCAR Race. I needed a project to stay busy and decided it was time to give my cabinets a fresh coat of paint. The kitchen has lots of drawers and cabinets so I decided to split the kitchen into thirds and work that way. So far I have the right bottom section of the kitchen complete… with might I add a newly installed (by yours truly) hidden trashcan organizer… I can not believe the contrast between the cabinets. I even went the extra mile and bought new hardware, yes, that makes a difference too! Most likely I will do a complete post on this process but for now please do gawk at my hard work.


Good Lordy. I’m tired just rehashing everything from last week! Have a good week ahead and please do add your selections to my Chick Poll.


  1. Your cabinets look great!

    I'm so jealous of your chickens. We have talked about having them some day, but I'm not sure if our city allows them.

    1. Becky, you should look into it! They would be great for your kiddos and the eggs are the BEST. I hate buying store bought, they just aren't the same. Plus, chickens are easy and don't need a ton of space if you only have a few. Here is a site I often refer to.

      Thanks for always commenting, I truly love being able to connect with new people!

  2. You are always so good about home improvement projects! Come give me some of your motivation!

    1. When I have a two year old and a baby on the way we will talk motivation! Your motivation goes into all your amazing Mommi-ness! I can't wait until the entire kitchen is complete.


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