February 22, 2014

Helping Spring Along

This may be wishful thinking but I am hoping that by getting into a Spring mind set that I will be helping Spring come along a little faster.

Almost like as a kid if you wished for something long and hard enough with all your might it would magically happen.

Yesterday I went to get my hair colored, it’s been since December since I touched up my highlights.
I was beginning to think I would have to tell people I would going for a natural Ombre look since my roots where getting so long.
Usually I will bring some photos with me of cuts, style, and color but this time I winged it.
My hairdresser is Amaze-balls so I trust her to make good choices for me. I always walk away a happy client and so I told her
“I have the Spring Itch, lets go lighter, but not Summer lighter… if you know what I mean?”
She agreed and went on back to mix up my color and and hour and a half later I’m touched up and ready to go :)



Now that my hair is in full Spring the weather is sure to follow :)
Here’s to Wishful thinking!

Do you have the Spring Itch yet?



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Allie! I'm loving the color, now if only the weather would warm up! Send those rays of sunshine from Texas up to Iowa :)


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