September 9, 2013

Erin Condren 2013-2014 Life Planner

I few weeks ago I ordered my new Erin Condren Life Planner and I just love the new changes and up grades that they have made!

Love their packaging <3


I will enjoy, thanks!



I got the Classic Zig-Zag Planner and opted for the photo on the front along with an additional pen holder.. a must have!


One way to add more then “one” photo is to go onto Pic Monkey and make a photo collage. This way when you save the collage it is one photo!


I have had an Erin Condren Life Planner for three years now. I first one I can say I honestly didn’t use as much as I would’ve liked. It was super thick and heavy so carrying it around was a bit of a struggle.

Then last year I went with the “Teacher’s Planner” since my new job was working with a curriculum within schools. I used it but a lot of my lessons were repeat for each day so it didn’t quite fit what I needed it for.

This year I went back to the basic planner and noticed a lot of changes.

  1. Smaller in size and thickness.
  2. Binding in metal
  3. Tabs are laminated

I can fit this one in my purse and really do use it EVERY day for reminders, meal planning, exercise notes, etc.

I am also someone that has her iphone glued to her hip and use my Microsoft exchange calendar for reminders but like I said for all the things you just want to jot down for tracking this planner is great!

If you are still a person that likes the paper planners check out


  1. hey britt! wow- thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful blog post on us, it means alot and we love hearing positive feedback like this! we truly appreciate customers like you and are thrilled you love your life planner. we just pinned your post with your blog URL to our pinterest review board, check it out! pinterest/erincondren enjoy!

  2. Hi! Which yellow shade did you use?


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