July 25, 2013


This past weekend {G} and I went back to Maryland for a short visit to celebrate his Grandfather’s {Big G’s} 90th Birthday!

During our visit we had some wonderful moments like meeting little {Ben} for the first time! {G}’s very good friend and wife had this little guy back in November and since we didn’t make it back for Christmas we haven’t gotten to officially meet him. We had a blast holding him and playing while at supper one night. He was a really good 7 month baby and made us laugh lots. I even taught him to hit {G} with a straw… I’m not a very good influence at this point :)

We also got to see how our other good friends are holding up, they are expecting a baby in October/November so the next time were home we’ll have another Baby to hold and teach bad things to.

Note: Dinners may get moved to Chucky-Cheese soon instead of The Bone Fish Grill…

Life changes so fast!


On Sunday we Celebrated BIG G’s 90th with 80 friends and family at my in-laws place in Maryland. Luckily for us the storms held off and we had a wonderful celebration!

{Four Generations of Rigdons}


It was a really quick trip so there wasn’t much time to visit with most the people we wanted to see. I was lucky to get to see my Sisters, Brother, and Parents for a short time but of course it’s never long enough.

July 26th collage

  1. The Rigdon’s July 21st, 2013
  2. Holding little {Ben}
  3. Playing with {Ben}
  4. Our Hollyhocks are in Bloom
  5. Selfie
  6. Hay loft
  7. Winston and his darn Soccer ball… He would sleep with it if we let him
  8. Hay Rack
  9. Hay Bales
  10. American Flag hung Proudly on our Barn facing the road
  11. Hammock time
  12. The Garden in July 2013

Does anyone else feel as though Summer is FLYING by? I sure do…

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