June 3, 2013

Delaware Raised: My Trip Home


After almost a year, I was finally able to make it back east to Delaware to visit family and friends. We try and make the trip twice during the year but the Christmas Break Blizzards this year threw us off by 6 months! I wanted to make it back sooner but with my parent’s going to Florida all of March and my crazy work schedule in April it just didn’t work out. I decided by Memorial Day weekend I would have enough vacation to make the $450.00 plane ticket well worth the trip. If your going to fly 1,300 miles you better believe I’m going to stay as long as I can.

I decided to fly Delta into Baltimore instead of Philly because of the cost difference. Philly is only a 30-40 min drive and Baltimore is and a little under and hour and 1/2 so the cost matters, not the distance.

On Friday I flew back and would say the best part of flying into Maryland is on the way home Mom and the twins took me to Dinner at a small ma & pa place known for their Crab Cakes.

{ Yum! Broiled Lump Crab Cakes! }

027 028

After the amazing food we swung into surprise dad at the bar where he DJ’s, I couldn’t wait until morning to day hi and give him a hug! Later that night all us girls did like old times and hunkered down on the couches to watch a chick-flick. How I miss those nights. BTW- Safe Harbor was great!

On Saturday, I drove down to MD to go to lunch with my in-laws. Then on that evening spent quality time catching up with my Bestie and her Husband at their new place. Loved seeing how they have settled in since their wedding in September.

On Sunday morning I had made plans to drive 2.5 miles North to Chalfont, NJ to visit my good friends from college. I haven’t seen the two of them since my wedding in August 2010. You know their good friends when you can just pick back up where you left off and feel like no time has passed at all. Now the only thing is I miss them even more!

{ Fun Fact }

Did you know that most states in the Mid-Atlantic have passed “Hand Free Driving Laws” which means you can only use the phone with blue tooth's. Well this Mid-West girl spent a lot of time leaving messages saying, “I know I shouldn’t be on the phone but I don’t know how to use the bluetooth and I can’t hear the phone on speaker phone so I have to hold it to my ear so I might as well just talk on it the normal way… so I’ll keep this short…”

{ I-95 South Around Philadelphia: I still love this commute and seeing the City Sights }


On Monday, I returned home and we had a nice little BBQ, then Tuesday morning we were off to Rehoboth, DE for the rest of my stay for some fun and sun.

Dad and mom have a RV that we travel in and have a time share at the beach. We had bay front views and were only 15 minutes from the beach.

035 064 065

The weather was a little over cast so we decided not to go to the beach and instead go to Rehoboth Ave for some food & shopping.

{ Dog Fish Head Brewing: Rehoboth, DE }


{Fun Fact 2}

Rehoboth Beach named in America's 10 Best Beach Towns by Parents Magazine. 2013. View Article. Click Link.

  { Penny Ave: Small shops off Rehoboth, Ave }038

On Wednesday we finally made it to the beach! My feet were instantly soothed once they hit the sand. My family laughed though because this body has surely not seen any Sun in quite some time and so I went from Pale-White to White thanks to a little sun bathing.


041 {Delaware Life Guards Training for the Summer}

They trained for over 2 hours… CRAZY people…



{ North Board Walk }


{Loved seeing the colorful Umbrellas}




So, for those Nay-Sayers out there that are always joking about “Dela-Where?” remember this, Delaware is a beautiful place that has lots of family values and traditions. Growing up going to the boardwalk, riding the rides, playing boardwalk games, and eating Dolly’s candies will always remain close to my heart. I highly suggest Rehoboth, DE as a family get-away for your summer vacations.


{There are some rich people too… but most the houses have been in their families for ever and get passed onto each generation }

053 054 055 056

On Thursday, mom and I stayed at my Grammy’s for the night outside Ocean City, MD. I haven’t seen her in a year and miss her tons.


Being back in the house brings back memories. Seeing my pop-pop ships was heart warming. He made each one from scratch and put over 1,000 hours on each. I remember watching him in the middle room bending each board and building them from the bottom up.




Of Course Grammy treated mom and I to a nice seafood dinner down by the bay.

And lets not forget dessert…

{Rita’s Italian Water Ice}


On Friday night we returned home and had a happy hour… that turned into Happy HOURS on my parents back patio. My brother and his gf made it along with sisters and best friend + Husband. It was so much fun to just kick back and laugh. {M} and I get a little ridiculous around others but it’s all in good fun!

I can’t believe how fast the week went, it’s like I clicked my heels and was back in tornado alley. I had such a great time seeing everyone and was blessed to have people in my life that could cater to my vacation making it as laid back as can be.

Thank you all <3

{ Fun Fact 3 }

I couldn’t not include this, but as I was making my way to my terminal in the Atlanta airport I happened to ride the Escalator next to Jersey Shore star … Pauly-D. Just to make sure it wasn’t the air travel playing with my eyes I looked up his feed on Twitter and wouldn’t you know, it was him.

No… I’m not one of those people who freak when seeing celebs and ask for photos… instead I stalk and save evidence for my own sanity. And as my husband would say… “Who Cares” . Ha



  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! Another blog I read just posted about how her in-laws just built a beach house in Rehoboth!

    The water ice looks delicious! And I can't believe you really saw Pauley-D. I probably wouldn't know it if I saw him because I've never watched the show, but pretty cool to see a real celeb :)

    1. I love watching junk TV... Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Kardashians and all. I am one of "Those" people. ;)

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