August 7, 2012

Two Years and Settling In!

That’s right! Today is my two year anniversary of being married to my wonderful husband!


I really can’t believe it has been two years! Some days it feels like it has been a decade and other days I feel like it just happened last weekend.

I really feel blessed to have found my other half at such a young age. It’s funny where life will take you and it sure has taken us places we never would have gone with many first for us both.


Our First

House together

Furry Child (WINSTON!)


Snow Mobile Weekend

Moving Trip

Farm-ette (not suppose to call it a farm :)

Stock Car Races/Trailer Races (Most red Neck thing I have ever witnessed)

I’m sure there were lots more but those are the ones that come to mind.


I have done a lot of thinking over the past month and not a lot of blogging. I think I was in a deep Blog-pression over what to talk about and was over thinking things so I just didn’t post at all. So here’s what’s happening!

G and I are settling in to life here in Iowa. We went to an auction (one of our new favorite weekend events) last weekend and ran into lots of people that we had met from around the area. Mostly old farmers that G met through trying to find a tractor but also some of our neighbors. It’s SO nice to go somewhere and just be able to recognize faces and just chat for a few minutes. Over time I’m sure these will be people that we come to know more and more.

Speaking of Tractors… today our F5000 will arrive at our house!

G looked far and wide to find one that he really wanted. He bleeds blue… not green, red, or any other color for that fact. . . unless it’s red and yellow hay equipment (New Holland) He did try and venture out for the best deals by looking at other brands but when it came down to it there was no way any other equipment besides a Ford or New Holland was going to park in our shop. This is more of a hobby tractor for cutting hay and bailing along with other farm chores. There is the prospect of getting some other equipment later down the road.

Venturing out

I have been trying new ways to meet people, last night I starting a beginners Quilting class! How fun! I love to sew and my mom took a class not to long ago and loved it. I had to drive 30 minutes to Ames for the class but it’s worth it to get out of the house and MEET people! There were only 4 girls in the class, one a little younger then myself, another a sophomore in high school, and another retired and in her 70’s. Maybe not people that I will become friends with but socialization it the key! Also, I learned so much and surprised myself by being the most skilled in the class. I have already cut my fabric and started piecing with the sewing machine. I will probably work all this week in the evening to get all my pieces together before my next class.

I’m making a Fall Quilt… love the oranges!


Craig’s List …. meet ups!

Okay, I know this rings a little “Craig's list killers” for some of you but really it’s not bad. If you go under “Community & Activities” you will find post of groups wanting to meet up. I went on and found a co-ed soccer league that will meet up this Fall once a week in Ames. It’s just pick up ball so no competition, anyone can play, and again a nice way to get out and meet people doing something I love! There is nothing scary about it, your are meeting in a public place, with lots of people, and if you go once and don’t like it then your aren’t committed since you didn’t pay anything.

Here is my theory… I can’t just sit around and hope to meet people by some act of God. I have to make myself get out there and explore a little. This is now my home and could be for many years to come so the sooner I start making the effort the more I will feel like this is now “home”.

Canning Season

Holy cannoli has my garden taken off! Every day I harvest at least 4 big boy tomatoes from my 6 plants and a 1 pint of cherry tomatoes!


I made some fresh Bruschetta the other day and it was AMAZE! Probably more so because I grew it and made it myself of course. My mission tonight is to make some hot salsa using the Jalapenos in the garden along with this basket of Toms that I have before they turn to waste.

G and I’s favorite Garden snack are the Jalapeño Poppers I make… super easy!

  1. Cut off stem end and hollow out center and de-seed
  2. Mix Cream Cheese and Sharp Cheddar Cheese in a bowl
  3. Stuff peppers with cheese
  4. Wrap with bacon, secure using tooth picks
  5. Bake at 410 degree for 12-15 minutes
  6. Enjoy :)

Wow… I was all over the place today but was happy to finally share what is going on at this Rigdon house. I promise to post again sooner then later. :)

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