June 29, 2012

Count down has commenced

In 3 days my mom, dad, and sister Katie will be here In Iowa visiting for a week! I'm sad that my brother and other sister can't make it but I am definitely going to enjoy having half of the family here.

This week I have been wrapping up all the miscellaneous house projects that we have been putting off. I kept waiting for (G) to help but sometimes a girl just has to do it herself. I got lots accomplished and didn't need a boy to help. I finally got our mirror up that his sister gave us at Christmas... It only took 6 months to get it out of the box. I love love love it and it adds class to our empty walls in the master bedroom.

Today was also cleaning and grocery shopping day. I went to the dollar store to buy shampoos and soaps for the Guest shower. While I was there I scored an awesome rug that I totally love.

The rest of my evenings I have amerced myself in the book "The Help"... Yes it is better then the movie!

The weekend will consist of finishing the hog pen in the barn, painting the rest of the outdoor furniture, mowing, and getting ready for our guest! I know come Monday I am going to start getting gittery.

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