March 6, 2012

Tips for Tuesday – Get those Bangs out of your face!

I don’t know about you but I am bipolar when it comes to my hair styles… One month I want it short and sweet and a few months later I’m thinking it’s ready to grow it out again. I need to get to that point of medium length and then just let it be but I get super bored with the styling.

After my wedding in 2010 I was good about not cutting it for about 6 months… then slowly I started taking a little off at a time and now it is at a bobs length right above my shoulders. Also when I had it cut I had my hair dresser add in bangs.


I don’t pull off the bang look well and they always end up ticking me off because they have a mind of their own. So what do I do.. try and grow them out again.

There is always that weird stage though in the middle of them growing that you end up with the “Mullet” look because they aren’t quite long enough to blend into your hair cut, but they aren’t short enough either to style on their own. This is not a good look when I wear my hair down so I often pull them out of my face. Here are two of my favorite styles with tutorials so you can try them too! I’m not a big fan of video blogging yet so I found some on you tube.

{ French Twist }


My absolute favorite style at the moment. In the picture above I have the French Twist on the opposite side of my bangs and let them loose that day but recently I have been twisting the bang portion. You can do this style with your hair up, down, and half up. It seriously only takes me less then a minute to style the bangs and I usually just wear my hair up to work so I back comb it a little at the crown, put a clamp in the back, then since my hair is short I add a couple pins to it, and WAAA-LAAA! Cute up do .To add a little more to it I usually also add a cute headband to accessorize. I have gotten many compliments from this look and lots of “How do you do that”. Here ya go, I promise you will get compliments too!



{ The Poof }

Another way to get bangs out of your face but I don’t go AS big as what the girl in the tutorial does. Most the time I wear this style with my hair down on the weekends. Occasionally, I will pull it back in a clamp but not always.


There you have it! Two easy ways to spice up your bangs a little bit! Hope you will give them a try!

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