March 9, 2012

HGTV Obsession Over Load!

Back in high school (2000-2004) my mom and I were addicted to the show “Trading Spaces” on the DYI network. Do you remember that one? Let me jog your memory.

This was the opening title to the show…

She was the Host…

This was Ty Pennington’s big break before Extreme Home Makeover, he was the contractor on the job…

{ How the show worked: }
Two homeowners who are friends switch homes to remodel one room of the house. Each gets a designer and they share the contractor. The home own does not get to pick the design and only have around a $500 budget, but it’s completely up to the friends who are remodeling.

{ Why I loved and obsessed over it! }
My mom and I loved seeing the “cheaper” ideas to remodeling on a budget and seeing how the people reacted once they saw their newly designed rooms. Sometimes they loved it and other times they HATED it (which was what I looked forward to – I know mean, right?). I kind of got sick of it after about 2 years and since haven’t really been into renovation shows…

That is until NOW!

My goodness, I am beyond obsessed with the HGTV channel. My favorite shows are:

{ #1 Property Brothers }

Just love the idea behind renovating older homes on a budget to get exactly what you want. Maybe I should call them to help with our home search?

{ #2 House Hunters }

Okay, I know that it is staged but I still love watching. { G } and I always place friendly guesses on which one they will buy. I am often shocked over which they actually choose! Aren’t you? House hunters international just makes me mad because I can’t afford to have a home here and in brazil unlike the people on that show.

{ # 3 Disaster DIY }

This show always cracks us up every time we watch it. Basically, this guy goes in and re-does what the homeowner tried failed to renovate properly. The homeowner has to help and learn as they go. 

{ #4 Holmes on Homes }

This guy is NOT messing around when it comes to crappy contracting work. I feel so bad for the home owners that basically pay these contractors and end up getting more headaches then they should. Great show to give insight on what to watch for when hiring contractors to do renovations.

So there they are, my home make over obsessions that I can’t seem to shake right now. Probably because we may need some new DIY tools ourselves in the months to come depending on which home we purchase. I just PRAY it’s never a Holmes on Homes situation.

If you haven’t watched these shows and love renovation TV I promise you’ll be hooked! Also, if you have any other recommendations I should add to my viewing schedule by all means PLEASE share! :)

Have a great weekend! It’s going to be in the high 60’s all weekend here! I can’t wait to finally get outside!


  1. I watch HGTV like it's my job! Love it! Property Brothers is probably one of my favorites because it involves the homeowners/buyers more (and they are usually funny) but I also like Kitchen Cousins, Selling New York/LA, My First Place... Ok, I like pretty much all the shows on that channel!

  2. We are addicted too!! And we probably could be on DIY Disasters! ;)


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