January 26, 2012

Body Rock- Turn that Beat up!

This post is piggy backing off of my post from yesterday. Along with having my own area to work out in I now can listen to my own music, No matter how girlie it is!
Music always pumps me up but it has to be the right music! I also can only go so long listening to the same routine of songs before I have to find new ones.

Here is my list of song I LOVE from this weeks work outs:

Artist: David Guetta & Nikki Minaj
Song: Turn Me On

*This song is AMAZING definitely gets you in a great rhyme to run or lift

Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Song: What doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)

*The title here speaks for itself … (You make me Stronger Kelly Clarkson!)


Artist: Outasight
Song: Tonight is the Night

*Another nice tempo song for running


Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Song: Clothes Off!

* This song is from Gym Class Hero’s previous CD release but it’s a GREAT song and includes the lead singer from Fall Out Boy in the Chorus


Artist: Flo Rida
Song: Good Feeling

* Another one from the radio that is huge right now, but I also love it during a good work out.


What songs do you like to work out to?

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  1. Its so cheesy, but anything LMFAO. Haha the beats are really great for working out!


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