December 8, 2011

Operation - De-Clutter!

Mission #1: De-clutter the Draws and Pantry in the kitchen!

 George is pretty good about keeping me up to speed on having the house in pretty good looking shape. I say George because he is the neater out of the two of us. Honestly, I can deal with mail left on the dinning room table, and a few dishes in the sink, some laundry here and there... I sound like a slob. Really I'm just not AS on top of things as my husband. His motto is "Put it away to begin with and then you won't have to spend more time later cleaning it all up." So true! I catch myself saying this to myself now as I go up to bed and see shoes laying at the door... "Britttany" (the little voice in my head says) "Just go pick them up and place them on your shoe rack in your closet, you know you're not going to wear the name ones tomorrow". UGH! so I go pick them up and put them away.

Where we are really organized it what you see when you walk in a room. All blankets are folded, there are no papers sitting around, the coffee table is organized, the kitchen sink is empty, the bathroom doesn't have stuff all over the counter. Now certainly those things have to go somewhere! I've enlightened myself on the clutter-bugs that we are... we are "closet" clutter-ers. ha. No really we are. One of the blogs I've been following is "I heart Organizing" you can go to it by looking at my blog list on the left side bar. Looking at all this organization made me realize that we aren't as neat and organized as we could be.

Out kitchen nice and neat on the outside... a total unorganized mess on the inside

For my first task, I decided to tackle the kitchen draws. I have know for months that my drawers are a mess. I can't ever find the sandwich bags I want or I have to dig through the tons of cosies to get to some bake wear out.. How many Cosies do we seriously need? RIDICULOUS! For this task it only cost me $1! I bought a few "shoe containers" at Wally World for a buck. They are simple and just the right size. The other trays I already had. Here are my before and after pictures.

                                    Top Drawer - Utensils and napkins                             

Second Drawer - Misc

3rd Drawer - Cosie Land + who knows???

4th Drawer - Baking
Winston wanted to help...

I should have taken a picture of my counter top while I was organizing! It was an absolute mess! It makes me feel better to know that these draws are organized, hopefully I can keep them that way!

Mission #2: The Laundry room Pantry...

About 2 months ago I went through and reorganized pots and pans. they were still in the same places my husband put them when he moved in. Basically, they were put in places that tall people can reach. I am a foot shorter then George so I was constantly reaching for bowls, pans, Tupperware. I'm the one that uses it all so I placed it where I could get to it. After re-evaluating the pantry it still was super cluttered with items. We store a lot of things from crock pots, dish towels, irons, hammers, extension chords, etc. So while we knew where it all was, it still looked like a hot mess! I did spend a little bit more on baskets that I got at Walmart and also bought a few more of the $1 shoe bins to store other items. Here is my before and after!

 Really not that bad... at least what I think anyway.

Much better! We still have a lot of things but we are people and we do live in this house! We have use for these every day items. I did manage to go through and put aside a box for Good Will and a box of duplicate items I am bringing home to my brother for his newly bought house!

What are some of the organization things you need to tackle?

Also, if your reading this PLEASE help! My next Operation De-Clutter is our
Hallway/Bathroom/Office Closet.
 It is beyond a disaster!


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  1. OK when did you have time to do all of this?! Wow!

    P.S. I want that Steelers koozie! :)


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