December 21, 2011

{ On the Fifth Day of Cricut… }


One the Fifth Day of Cricut my Crafter made for me… Homemade Envelopes for all occasions!


I just found out that one of the cartridges I own for my Cricut machine has a button for creating envelopes! This is so exciting! I love sending mail to family and friends and never have any fun envelopes to use. They are always the generic white envelopes that everyone uses. Now I can even create the sizes I want them to be as well! Can’t wait to try them out!

 Cricut envelopes are simple. Select the style envelope you would like. Set the size in Inches. Push Cut!

{ One }


{ Two }


{ Three }


Thanks for following my 5 Days of Cricut! I hope that you got some neat ideas from this blog. Please share if you also have some unique ideas as well!

Keep Following for the next few days…

They will be interesting to say the least!

Me + My Husband (George) + Winston

+ 1,400 miles in a truck Back East =

A very interesting Trip!



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