December 23, 2011

Day two of travel back East

Wake up time: 5:30am. Something was wrong with the thermostat, it feels like we slept in a sauna. I'm super thirsty And have a huge headache. I must be dehydrated. We're hoping to be on the road by 6:00.

6:15 were on the road! Time for breakfast. We looked for a Dunkin donuts but there were none on our route, looks like McDonalds again. This time we choose a little more healthier. I got the maple and fruit oatmeal which I may add its quite yummy! George choose the parfait which he has never had and loved it. Coffee is also on the menu to start our day.

We are just 30 minutes out of Columbus and the landscape has hanged drastically. We're in mountain country now. I miss the hills and the trees. This part of Ohio is lovely, I don't mind it much.

8:47am welcome to Pennsylvania!

12:00 ish: Lunch! We stopped at Sheetz. For those that don't know what Sheetz is; It is a gas/quick stop chain very much like WaWa. You can go in type in your order and have freshly made food within 5 minutes. I love these chains and wish we had them in the midwest. It makes you feel better ordering a wrap rather then a burger and mcnuggets all the time. Lets step it up South Dakota!

Ordering food

My freshly made chicken caesar wrap. It was Amazing!

1:30ish- We hit Baltimore. Neat thing is that there is the tunnel system for the boat to come into the harbor so you actually go under water!

Entering the Tunnel
In the Tunnel
-35 feet below sea level
Blue Crabs! How I have missed you!
George's favorite thing to point out was RAY-RAY on the Under Armour Billboard

{ since I was blogging from my phone some how the rest of my post got lost so I had to add on. This is why the times have "ish" on them. We arrived in Maryland around 2:10. Not a bad ride at all on day two }


Winston was happy to run around the farm when we got back...
23 hours complete!

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  1. Is that WaWa? :)

    Thanks for posting the Ravens billboard haha!


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