November 16, 2011

Birchbox Newbie!

One of the bloggers I follow on a daily basis now is "The Small Things Blog". Kate is amazing with hair tutorials and knows the ins and outs on great ideas for fashion deals. Anyway, one of the things I was super curious about is this Birch Box Collection. Basically, it is a little box that comes to you once a month for $10 and gives you tiny samples of perfumes, nail polish, lotions, makeup, etc. Then you can sample them, and if you want to buy the larger size you just go on their site. The neat thing is when your register you have to fill out a profile survey so they can send you a box that is specific to your style. My favorite part of this was comparing "The Small Things Blog" and what she received verses what I received based on our different profiles.

The cutest little box that I plan to save and re-use at Christmas!

Opening my first Birchbox.

Two body lotions, lip gloss/plumper, Kate Spade perfume, and Zoya professional nail polish

My take on each of the items. I received the box on Monday so I have had two days to try out different items.

  • Thymes eucalyptus body lotion: Upon using it the for first time yesterday morning. I was just settling in from work and it was super cold out so my hands were dry. Immediately after using it my boss stopped in to ask a question and said "It smells really clean in here". So although the lotion was nice it does smell up a room when you put it on. Beware if your wearing perfume as well, you don't want to give other migraines!
  • Jouer lip enhancer: FANTASTIC! ok, I am also a closet lip gloss hoarder, meaning most all of my bags, purses, and desk drawers either chap stick, lip stick, lip gloss, of all different brands buried in them. So I feel that I can truly say this is an awesome lip gloss. It makes your lips super smooth, doesn't dry out right away, gives a nice gloss to your natural lip color with out looking too shiny, and when you sip your cup of coffee in the morning it doesn't peel off your lips so you don't have to keep reapplying over and over again.
  • Kate Spade Twirl Perfume: Although it is a quality perfume when I put it on I feel like I should be going to a fancy black dress party on New Years Eve. So for that I will, but as for everyday use I think it's too strong and not a day time go to work perfume. I will keep it in mind for Fancy date nights.
  • Thymes Kimono Rose Body Lotion: I put this on this morning after my shower and fell in love with it. The scent is exactly what I like, not strong yet subtle enough to wear if your not into perfumes. It is soft and made me sad when I used it all up. Really wishing I would've had that in the small bottle instead of the eucalyptus.
  • Zoya Nail Polish- This one I have not gotten the chance to use yet. I am strict on not crossing holiday boarders before the season. The color is more of a Winter feel so once we get into December is when I feel it is appropriate. I'm not saying that you other holiday lovers can't wear it before, it's just not my style.
  • Hair tie: Ok, so the hair band is not even in the picture because when I went through the box I didn't realize it was a hair tie. I thought it was attached to another item and just fell off. I realized what it was when I read my birchbox card explaining when each item was and saw that it was meant to be a hair tie. I won't even put it on there because I could make it myself and refuse for anyone to pay "$12 for 6 hair ties". That is craziness!

As for the prices, I will have to edit this later on when I have the price card on me. I am happy that I did subscribe to birchbox because it truly does beat buying an item without trying it first. I will be buying the Jouer Lip gloss!

Oh yeah! Click the picture at the very top to go to!

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