November 14, 2011

Finally Blogging!

Ok, so when it comes to this kind of stuff I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I want my Blog to look the best. I have seriously spent a week working through different templates, headers, colors, text, and none of it was my style. I just kept going off of other blogs I've read, or borrowing HTML from free template sites and STILL I wasn't happy. Maybe a floral background, no... ok how about a scrapbook looking style, no.... what about a vintage, naaaaa. Then FINALLY i downloaded Picasa by Goggle which lead me to Picnik... a photo shopping online device. I started playing around with photos that I had saved on my computer, then from saved USB photos and came across this one.

Sparrow in a bird house.

I took this picture when I was a garden intern at Winterthur Garden and Estate the summer after I graduated from college. The estate was owned by a DuPont... yes that's right, ere to the DuPont Company. His estate has a 10 story mansion surrounded by gardens that he planted himself. It was also a self-sustaining community with a working farm, dairy, greenhouse, and train station. The train station was converted to intern housing which was pretty awesome to live in. I will upload pictures in later blogs from my internship.

I love this picture and for that it became my header, perfected by Picnik of course! You can see the obvious difference between the one above and the one in the header. My decision for the template and background colors is that I'm a simple person... I really wanted to keep the Blog looking Clean and with a Fresh layout. When it comes to adding photos and additions thats where I would rather put my spin on it making it more colorful and unique. For now it's a work in progress. 

I will continue to use Picasa as I upload photos in my blog, and also encourage everyone else to use it! I also just ordered Photoshop for my MAC laptop since I would really like to retouch my wedding photos. My husband and I decided to save money by not hiring a professional photographer... good idea but now I want photos that give a little more then what we have.

As far as the title of my blog.... please tune in tomorrow. :)


  1. First follower and first commenter...I like that :)

    Guess you now know my secret too. I've been blogging for almost 2 it! Although, besides a couple friends and a few family members mine is a secret!

  2. Thanks for letting me into your blog world! Yours is adorable! You need to give me the 411 on how to make mine better. :)


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